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TRANSPORTATION  Don't rent a car on the main island and try to take it to Culebra on the cargo ferry. You can't. There are various good reasons for this: reservations on the cargo ferry are usually very limited; insurance may not cover damage or liability incurred on Culebra; and most important of all — if you need roadside assistance on the (sometimes rough) roads of Culebra your car rental company can't help you out. If you're considering renting a golf cart, PLEASE read this link written by a mindful resident of Culebra. This is vital information for your own safety and the safety of others: 

Below is a listing of transportation options for getting around Culebra— both by land and by sea. Culebra is a constantly changing place, so there are both more and less than these listed. But you can start here:



Jerry's Jeeps    787.742.0587 / 787.742.0526

Carlos Jeep Rental    787.742.3514 

Avis Car Rental   787.742.3000  


SCOOTERS / GOLF CARTS  Scooters require regular drivers license. Golf carts are gas-powered.

Jerry's Jeeps    787.742.0587 / 787.742.0526
Carlos Jeeps & Scooter Rental    787.742.3514 

Culebra UTV  Rental 787.525.5456 / 939.400.0753



Pedal Power Bicycle Rental   603.479.7098 (Wendy)

Kayaking Puerto Rico  787.742.0523 


TAXIS  Opposite the ferry and at Flamenco Beach there are publicos waiting to make trips between town/ferry or individual drop-offs. You can also wave down a traveling publico on the road.

Ruben's Taxi   787.742.1209

Adriano Taxi 787.590.1375

Ernesto Taxi   787.374.1122

Charlie Taxi  787.513.8329

Xavier Taxi   787.463.0475 


BOAT RENTALS & CHARTERS  Captains come and go on Culebra, depending on season, weather, phone service. Try these:


Captain Bill's Catamaran  787.215.3809


Water taxi Captain Nelson  787.435.6261 


Water taxi Captain Brad   787.435.6546 


Culebra Fly Fishing, Chris Goldmark  609.827.4536 

Carousel Custom Charters   787.396.3650 

Culebra Sailing  787.435.9996

Culebra Water Taxi   787.360.9807      

Guilin's Water Taxi   787.742.0575         

East Wind Cats   787.860.3434  

Island Cruisers Power Boats   787.717.2000             

Quarante 36'   787.237.6755      

Reefview Tours 787.221.7604   

Aquatic Adventures  515.290.2310  


WATER SPORTS   Rent/buy snorkel gear, beach stuff

Culebra Divers   787.742.0803 opposite the ferry

Culebra Dive Shop   787.742.0566  located just before turning into town

Kayaking Puerto Rico 787.742.0523  also rents kayaks, paddleboards; located opposite the airport on the road to Flamenco  



There are 2 food markets in the town of Dewey and 2 outside the town.

In town:  MAYRA'S (also referred to as CHELIN'S, pronounced chayleens) is on the hill leading to the bridge. It has the largest selection of foods, frozen and canned, and household goods. No liquor. Closed for siesta between 1:30-3:30 daily and closed Sundays. The other town market is COLMADO MILKA'S, across the bridge and before the gas station. They have more accommodating hours. Also a butcher in the back plus a pretty good selection of frozen & canned groceries and assorted fresh produce. They carry a respectable selection of wine/beer/liquor. They are open on Sunday mornings.

Out of town: Just up the road opposite the airport entrance is the COSTA DEL SOL market. They have a good selection of frozen & canned foods, some hardware & household goods, plus a small, reasonably priced wine/beer/liquor selection.  Open daily 7am-9pm, Sundays til noon.  The nearest food store to Casa SuMarco is COLMADO GENESIS which has basics from milk to produce to frozen meats and foods. No liquor. Open 7 days a week. Look for a sign on the main road (heading toward Zoni beach from Casa SuMarco) pointing down the street it's on. (Sorry, no street names or numbers anywhere on the island!)

The island's largest selection of wines/liquors, specialty and gourmet foods, excellent (frozen) meats is at EL EDEN, located near Milka's. They have fresh-baked grain breads, sandwiches, cold cuts, and home-prepared foods like veggie lasagna. Prices are on the high side but quality is tops. Some evenings they serve sit-down dinners.

There is an outdoor fruit/vegetable market several times/week near the main intersection in town, opposite the Post Office. Excellent varied selection of fresh veggies, also some dairy products.

There are a few other small delis and groceries (most are in town) that are not mentioned here.

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